A Fighters Fundamental Training Device: The Punching Bag

By admin December 29, 2017 Uncategorized

It is well understood by boxer’s, martial artists, and full contact fighters worldwide that the punching bag is FUNDAMENTAL to develop and sharpen dangerous techniques.

One common misconception about the heavy bag is people think that it’s just a helpless dummy there to absorb all your anger after a frustrating day… Just wail on it a few times and you will get better rite? On the surface this may seem true but it’s uses extend beyond being a simple punch absorber.

For example, you can developing combos that flow automatically by practicing them faithfully the punching bag.

Circling is another useful technique to develop. I practice by is punching and moving around the bag in a circular motion as I kick. The same goes for my round house training.

I’ll start in one spot and choose one leg to kick, and kick with that leg while I circle around the bag until I run out of steam. That’s a very crucial skill you must learn to position yourself correctly when transitioning into a round house.

The benefits are endless, which is why I am going to be updating this blog frequently with training methods, info on the punching bag, martial arts news, boxing news, etc.

Stay tuned, as this is going to be a huge site.



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